Better Data Sells More Products

IS&S provides solutions to companies looking to accelerate sales by implementing single, master product information management (PIM) systems that send perfect product data to web shops, point-of-sale, mobile applications, catalogs, and promotional flyers & ad inserts.

IS&S helps our clients attain perfect data management to gain the traction needed to maximize sales and profit. By combining the power of Informatica's enterprise product information management software with Microsoft server technology and Adobe's suite of publishing products, buyer
s get the information needed to make positive buying decisions - from your web shop, mobile app, on-line & print catalogs and advertisements.

Make your competitors nervous by achieving:

  •  Faster time-to-market
  •  Higher conversion rates and margins
  •  Increased customer loyalty
  •  Improved multichannel execution
  •  Efficient supplier collaboration

If you are looking for an experienced partner to help you establish a clear business and technical strategy that gives your business a data advantage that speeds sales results, contact us.